Endhiran – Tamil Cinema 2.0 : DOT!

image ‘Where there is a will there is a way’ – Applies to Endhiran and also getting a ticket to Endhiran on second day of release. Getting a ticket to Endhiran itself was an experience. Having never planned to buy a ticket and searching for the ticket on second day of release for evening show is real madness. With all the media hype pre and post release it is near impossible to book a ticket online. But to our (Me and Priya) luck we found 2 tickets at INOX Jayanagar. We were appreciating our luck without common sense. Oops! No matter how many times we tried that ticket could never be booked. We drove to the theatre to find out if these tickets could be released for us. To our surprise we found a dozen people complaining about the locked tickets and get them issued to them. They were complaining several issues including the jammed INOX website and SMS booking. It was easier for INOX management to complain the Ayodhya verdict for the issues they were facing with online and sms booking.

We called the manager and told him that the ticket got blocked because of us and asked him to release the tickets to us. After several arguments he insisted to come 2 hrs before show when he will have the authority to release the blocked tickets. I left my mobile number with him. We came 2 hrs earlier to the show just to find that the manager was having problems releasing the tickets. Then came in one gentlemen with a bundle of tickets (around 10) as his plan for watching the movie with his friends got cancelled. People surrounded him like a swarm of bees but we managed to get two tickets to the evening show.

We entered the cinema hall at last. When you watch a movie or review them, especially when they are Indian and Rajinikanth’s there are few things you need to switch off (Logical Analysis and Common Sense). A film is meant for entertainment and purely entertainment. It would be your mistake if you try to apply the laws of the physical world.

Having known tamil cinema one would be curious to know how certain contrasting features were matched (Science Fiction and Masala, Scientist and Rajini, Rajini and Aishwarya). Kudos to director Shankar. The film goes so well that you never think about these till the end of the film. First the movie is not a normal Rajini movie as one would expect. It is a different experience, a Hollywood movie with Indian masala flavor. It is purely an evolution of Tamil Cinema taking it to the next level as in one of the very few punch dialogues in the film (Upgraded Version 2.0). But it is difficult to match with first grade Hollywood movies as seen in many reviews. The special effects are superb for Tamil movies but not without flaws. The stunt scenes in the train are excellent. The climax action scenes are good but exhausting. If something is very bad about the movie it is the editing. One could judge well ahead if a song is about to begin and which song would that be. For a film at this budget poor editing can no way be justified. The song sequences do not go along with the movie. The BGM is not noticeable and is poor.

With all its flaws Endhiran is still superb. With a three year waiting and huge expectations it would be really a challenge. It still impresses for all the hard work, the constraints of Tamil Cinema, the performance of a sixty year old man, the dreams of director Shankar, the vision of Kalanidhi Maran. It has given a message, A movie at this budget is commercially viable and could be made successful. It is has opened the gate for a new breed of Indian movies.

It has also proved that piracy is not a constraint for a good movie to be successful. I still remember when I paid 15 SGD in Singapore for Sivaji none of my non Indian colleagues believed as by the rule and by their experience no movie ticket can cost beyond 10 SGD. And for Endhiran I have legally paid something near by that price. DOT!


India’s gateway to Internet

During a casual discussion with friends I was imagining how Governments are able to block web content. During my visits to countries abroad I was frequented by government notifications stating the site visited is banned (worse was that even Google apps was banned), but not such a single website was showing such notification in India. Curious to know I googled it to find such ones.

Indeed Government of India has its own short list of banned sites with its 13th July 2006 circular.

  1. http://www.soniamaino.com/ not working since Aug 25, 2006
  2. http://www.hinduunity.org
  3. http://mypetjawa.mu.nu
  4. http://pajamaeditors.blogspot.com
  5. http://exposingtheleft.blogspot.com
  6. http://thepiratescove.us
  7. http://commonfolkcommonsense.blogspot.com
  8. http://bamapachyderm.com
  9. http://princesskimberley.blogspot.com
  10. http://merrimusings.typepad.com
  11. http://mackers-world.com
  12. http://www.dalitstan.org
  13. http://hinduhumanrights.org/hindufocus.html
  14. http://nndh.com http://bloodroyaltriped.com
  15. http://imagessearchyahoo.com (should probably be http://image.search.yahoo.com)
  16. http://imamali8.com
  17. http://rahulyadav.com

These websites could not be accessed but however no notifications came up. The following message came up on a chrome browser.


It seems the system of blocking is not without loop holes. The cached copy of page from Google gives latest updates of the website. One such blog with banned in India can be seen below.


I was also curious to know how internet is brought to India and how many gateways the Government should control to censor web content. While I imagined several gateways there are only  eight gateways (called landing stations) that connects India to the world of internet.


  1. SMW3w : Stands for  South East Asia – Middle East – Western Europe this cable connects Western Europe, Middle East and South east Asia. There are a total of 39 landing points through the cable’s journey and it touches India at Mumbai first and connects the rest of Asia through Cochin. The landing station in Mumbai is owned by VSNL/Tata.
  2. SMW4 : Stands for South East Asia – Middle East – Western Europe, this cable connects Western Europe, Middle East and South east Asia. It has around 17 landing points and touches India in Mumbai and Chennai. Landing station in Mumbai is owned by VSNL/Tata and landing station in Chennai is owned by Bharti Airtel.
  3. SAFE : South Africa Far East Cable. This cable comes from Melkbossstrand in South Africa, linking Durban, Mauritius on the way to Cochin, India. Landing station in Cochin is owned by VSNL/Tata.
  4. FLAG : Stands for Fiber Optic Link Around the Globe. This cable runs through the Suez canal connecting middle east and touches India at Mumbai. The cable network is owned by FLAG Telecom which is bought by Reliance and is now a Reliance company. The landing station in Mumbai is owned by VSNL/Tata. From Mumbai the cable goes to  south east Asia.
  5. i2i : Airtel SIngtel joint venture company is responsible for this 3100 km long cable from Singapore to Chennai. The landing station is in Chennai. From Singapore it will connect to SEA-ME-WE 3 and APCN 2.
  6. TIC : Following the same route as i2i, TIC stands for  Tata Indicom India Singapore Cable. It  connects Chennai and Singapore. TIC is owned by VSNL with the landing station in Chennai. In Singapore the landing station is in Changi.  The cable is 3175 km long.
  7. Falcon : Europe-Middle East- India cable with landing station in Mumbai. The cable and the landing station is owned by Reliance.
  8. Indo-Sri Lanka Cable : Landing station is owned by BSNL and this cable connects Tuticorin and Colombo, Sri Lanka.


and finally some stats

Note: The contents of this article are from various web sources. I have not done any research to verify the correctness of the information presented.


The Meru Cabs Supply Chain – How They Operate

On a drive to airport with Meru cabs I enquired the cab driver how Meru Cabs operated. To licensed drivers Meru Cabs provides cars @ Rs. 900/day (Bangalore) exclusive of diesel charges and maintenance. This fee is to be provided by the driver to Meru irrespective of number of transactions he makes in a day. The maintenance costs as and when they occur is shared equally between Meru and the drivers. When request is placed for a booking via phone the address is recorded and hence need not mention address for pick up point every time. They can trace the address from the phone number. 30 – 45 mins before the scheduled pickup a group of cab drivers are intimated of the opportunity via the display screens fitted in the cab and they can confirm it by pressing when they are available (15 mins, 30 mins ..) for pickup at the spot mentioned. Once the confirmation is received the first one or the earlier one will be confirmed for pickup and the exact detailed address will be provided.

The message is then sent to the passenger on details of cab and cab driver number. The cab drivers are lucky enough if they can make more than Rs. 2500 in a day. My next question to him was that he could easily make it if he can make two, three trips to airport alone. But it looks like they get only one airport opportunity in a day. I also enquired why Meru always slips away with unjustified reasons for bookings to Railway Station. It seems like due to earlier problems entering Railway Station at Majestic they made it a policy not to take booking to Railway Stations, even to cantonment railway station.

900 such taxi’s are operating in Bangalore under Meru. In Delhi the count is 700 and the rate per day is Rs. 700 planned to be increased to Rs. 800 next month.

Note: The details provided above are based on narrations from Cab drivers and is not my views or do not authenticate any information regarding Meru Cabs.